The Brand

Cross Stitch stands proudly as one of the nation's most esteemed retail brands, renowned for its exceptional offerings in high-quality elevated essentials, encompassing eastern unstitched fabrics and ready-to-wear fashion. Owning a Cross Stitch product transcends beyond mere possession; it bestows an unrivaled sense of prestige and elegance, while the brand's core philosophy revolves around making luxury fashion a delightful and accessible experience for everyone. Elevating the allure of occasion wear, Cross Stitch aspires to be the quintessential choice for those seeking exquisite and memorable ensembles for their special moments. Whether one desires to gift their loved ones or indulge in a cherished purchase, Cross Stitch remains the ultimate destination, where each acquisition becomes a tale of love, celebrating cherished relationships and joyous occasions.

Drawing inspiration from the everlasting allure of classic fashion, our brand identity is a reflection of timeless and affordable luxury. Our designs are meticulously curated, effortlessly fusing traditional elements with contemporary trends to craft a collection of modern classics that exude sheer excellence. Each creation epitomizes exceptional artistry, embodying the essence of sophisticated elegance and timeless appeal.

Cross Stitch takes pride in commitment to offering the customers the latest and most en vogue designs. The color palette is modest, yet elegant designs are carefully curated to complement each season's trends, making our customers trendsetters rather than followers. Every product at cross stitch is made with the utmost attention to detail with the highest possible quality standards. Every year the lawn collection is the most sought after and offers an extravaganza for the woman of today to wear and enjoy. The Brand maintains a steadfast commitment to regularly introduce limited quantity new ranges, ensuring our customers enjoy a continuous variety of offerings.

Cross Stitch has embarked on an exciting journey of creative expansion, offering an exquisite array of fabrics adorned with intricate embroideries, captivating prints, and exquisite embellishments. These distinctive collections cater to a diverse range of occasions, ensuring that every customer finds the perfect ensemble to match their unique style and preferences. As a brand that places utmost importance on customer satisfaction and loyalty, Cross Stitch constantly thrives on innovation. Our dedicated team remains committed to delivering complete wardrobe solutions, so our cherished patrons need look no further for their fashion needs. Recently, we have ventured into the realm of accessories, unveiling an enticing selection of shoes and perfumes, carefully curated to complement our fashion offerings. Building upon our success, Cross Stitch has also introduced an exclusive range of formal and wedding wear. This significant step reflects our dedication to providing our customers with a comprehensive selection for their most cherished occasions. With plans to further develop and expand this category in the coming years, we envision offering unparalleled elegance and style for every celebration and milestone.

Cross Stitch is now physically located with multiple outlets in all major city centers and smaller towns across Pakistan. Cross Stitch will soon be making way large scale lifestyle stores across Pakistan and for physical international expansion with worldwide shipping already available on our website.